Day 13 – Warsaw to Prague

Warsaw amazed us with its beautiful and well lit city at night. We started off early as we knew that the route is going to be 700 kms long. We found a restaurant near Novotel called Egipt which compelled us to get some Kocheri and Shawarma for the breakfast. A stop later we got the car fuelled as the last fill from Russia is about to finish and had our packed breakfast. Continued driving until after noon and resumed after another break. It was almost half way covered when we started finding beautiful small lakes on the road sides with Hazel Nut trees on the side.




Keeping on driving was fun with one of us driving, the other keeping a watch on the map and a third one using the cameras. With no hassle and beautiful scenery around we kept on driving until we reached Prague while booking a hotel on the go. We had planned to visit Old Town Square, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle at least. We clicked few pictures and found a restaurant while walking around the streets hunting for dinner.

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The city of Prague looks beautiful by night and it boasts of historical monuments and some great tourist spots. Though we spent only a few hours in the city walking around the streets to see landmarks.

The plan is to start for the final leg starting from Prague tomorrow to drive to Switzerland and start the Stage II – Grand Tour of Switzerland.


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