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Day 2 – Hitting the Road

And finally the men and the machine started off for Shiraz today morning, a renowned city of Iran, known for its mystical nights. Shiraz is around 600 kms from Bandar Abbas by Route 94 via Lar and Jahrom. Road was pretty good to drive 100+. We had a break mid way at 300kms.

With some cool refreshments we started again to cover the other half of our today’s plan. We reached Shiraz in around 2 PM enjoying local Iranian music on the roll.

We enjoyed some Barbeque over the lunch and headed on to see Parsepolis and Quotan Gate in Shiraz.

Some tourist spots at Parsepolis and Quotan Gate

But this was not enough for the day, Team decided to move on further as Jammer said “its just another 500 kms, Let’s do it” and we headed to Esfahan which is yet another historical city of Iran.

we reached Isfahan around 12 midnight to find unavailability of hotels due to an ongoing local programme. We spent almost an hour hunting for hotel and finally found 1 around 1 a.m.

Checking in for the night…

Good Night Guys…

Tomorrow visiting some interesting places here and the heading to Tehran….

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