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Day1 – A day at Bandar Abbas, Iran

And here is the rising sun on the coast of Iran much like the rising sun of our Road trip….

And in a little while it was time to get up half asleep getting down to meet the officers at the customs office. We were expecting all clearance to be done by mid day. After a quick refreshment we found a local agent to guide us through the queues in right order.

To give you a brief let me quote Jammer saying “There were more than 25 visits to officers, 25 + stamps, 10 times car inspection and 10+ forms were filled and more than 1000 times they asked my name. My mobile health app congratulated me on walking 25000 steps. But finally we got the car at 5 pm after a lot of paper work and procedure.”

Thank you all #DubaiSwissRoadTrip members for asking wellbeing and wishing luck all this while.

Here is Mohammed Riyaz who helped the team in getting the car cleared from the port. We gave him a Souvenir from Dubai.

So today we are staying back in Bandar Abbas and In Sha Allah tomorrow onwards will start the driving marathon.

We checked in a nearby hotel (one of the better ones) to get a cool shower after a long day. and it was time to order a big dinner and here is what came our way…

We tried google translator and a Persian dictionary that we had taken with us to figure out a basic dinner at least… the messages from our whatsapp group helped with some favourite picks as well.

Thats for today…Good Night Guys……We’ll be back tomorrow with more news…

Keep Following….


Leaving Emirates – Yalla Bandar Abbas

It was another milestone to leave the port at Sharjah in time and as per the plan with no last minute ‘ohh nos’. We loaded the car this afternoon got the papers sorted and boarded this evening and started sailing around 10 pm local time to Bandar Aas, Iran.
Our shipping company was professional and everything went smooth, not much hassle. Upon boarding we were served dinner in the dining hall, though it was not delicious food, but enough carbs (white rice) to keep us going. More than the calories we had our enthusiasm to keep kicking.
We are sailing alongside a turtle in the sea…:)

To the team joining us in Zurich, keep yourself informed about Stage 2 at

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