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A convoy of cars escorted the touring car from cafe to Burj Khalifa/downtown as the checkered flag was waived off by the Director of Swiss Tourism in GCC. Keep following for more…

Preparation – #DubaiSwissRoadTrip

  1. The Gear for the driving team
  2. Pre Drive Inspection and service for the car
  3. Study on local rules and regulations related to car branding, car tinting, visa registration, hotels availability etc.
  4. Visas for enroute countries
  5. Carnet De Passage for the vehicle
  6. NOC from the bank
  7. Agreements with sponsors
  8. Flag Off Event arrangements
  9. National flags, basics of local language for each enroute country printed
  10. Sponsors Logos printed, Car Stickers Printed,
  11. Collection of local contacts to be consulted in case of emergency
  12. Invites for Flag Off Event sent

and much more going on………..yes we are almost there, ready to press IGNITION on our FJ..

Lets Drive – Dubai to Grand Tour of Switzerland

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